After Biden Prepares Amnesty Bill For 11 Million – 51 Republicans Send The President A Warning Letter

Because of Joe Biden, Democrats are racing ahead with their leftist agenda. That includes a plan to provide amnesty to millions already living within our borders.

This comes as activity at our southern border has reached a fevered pitch, after Biden undid much of Trump’s immigration policy.

Now, Democrats are pushing what some might call the mother of all amnesty bills.

From Daily Caller:

The “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” will include the immigration commitments that Biden released when he first took office, according to NBC News. The president’s proposal provides a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, expands the refugee resettlement program and adds unspecified new technology to the US-Mexico southern border.

In light of Biden’s radical plan for the border, fifty-one Republicans are sending Biden a stern warning.

From Daily Wire:

Dozens of House Republicans recently warned in a letter to President Joe Biden that his immigration policies, combined with an executive order he signed, are threatening to turn the crisis on the southern border into an all out “catastrophe overnight.”

House Republicans warned that Joe Biden’s immigration policy would turn the border situation into a “catastrophe overnight.”

Their fears have already come true. Soon after Biden took office, caravans of migrants resumed. It seems folks in South and Central America immediately expected Biden would roll out the red carpet.

His team had to beg some of them not to come, until they could figure out a plan. Of course, nobody listened to them.

What will happen if Biden’s plan for amnesty, among other plans, is passed? There would be a mad rush to our border, as thousands—if not millions—try to get free citizenship in the United States.

Since the pandemic, Americans have struggled to stay employed. Donald Trump tightened border security, to ensure companies kept hiring citizens as states reopened.

The problem continues, yet Biden wants to throw open the doors, certainly costing many American workers their jobs.

And there doesn’t seem to be any real plan in place to prevent COVID positive folks from crossing the border. Although Biden claims COVID is such a major threat, his administration doesn’t seem to be concerned about testing those who cross over.

This new proposed bill would become a magnet for many outsiders. It would put American workers at a disadvantage, as many border jumpers can now compete at lower wages.

Joe Biden has already axed thousands of jobs. Seems like he’s on a roll.

Do you think Republicans should stop Biden from giving 11 million amnesty?

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden and Democrats are pushing a radical new immigration bill.
  • The bill would grant amnesty to millions and welcome countless new migrants.
  • Republicans warned that his plan would create a “catastrophe” at the border.