KRAKEN UPDATE: Sidney Powell Tells Lou Dobbs She’s Rolling Out Lawsuits In Several States…First Case Will Be Filed In GA

Fox News Business host Lou Dobbs interviewed prominent attorney and former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell on his show tonight. Powell hasn’t been interviewed since the Trump campaign announced that Powell is working independently from Trump campaign lawyers’ team, headed up by Rudy Giuliani.

Dobbs asked Powell when she will file her first lawsuit. Powell told Dobbs that the first lawsuit in a series of lawsuits in multiple states would be filed tomorrow in Georgia.

After explaining how the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez used Dominion Voter Machines to fraudulently keep him in power, she told Dobbs that America could expect her first lawsuit against Georgia to be filed “no later than tomorrow.” Powell also told Dodd that she would be rolling out lawsuits across America, telling him that the voter fraud was “nationwide.”

Dobbs asked her if she can get all of her cases to a resolution before the electors vote for the next president? Powell assured him that they should be able to meet their deadlines, adding that they also have “evidence of foreign intrusion into our voting systems,” telling Dobbs, “That’s where the rubber meets the road.”


It’s comforting to know so many good people are working to expose the massive voter fraud scheme in America. It’s worth noting that under normal circumstances, Americans would expect our intelligence agency to be investigating all of the credible claims of voter fraud. Unfortunately, we’re not living in normal times…we’re living in times where everyday patriots are being called upon to fight for the soul of this nation against the left, who seeks to tear it down and rebuild it in an image most Americans won’t even recognize.