Laura Bush about Melania: “She’s a wonderful representative for the United States.”

The wife of former President George W. Bush, Laura Bush, had nothing but good words and admiration for Melania Trump and the way she stepped as a first lady into the White House, despite CNN’s poking about seeing the “very different White House.”

“I just think she’s done a lovely job,” Bush said to Brooke Baldwin from CNN. “She’s a beautiful woman. She’s a wonderful representative for the United States.”

The former first lady, Bush, stated this from Afghan embassy in Washington where she had a meeting with H.E. Rula Ghani, the Afghan first lady. They are working together on a project of promoting the integration of Afghan businesswomen in US-Afghan Women’s Council.

Bush said she had been in touch with Melania Trump and visited her in the White House.

“I’ve talked to Melania,” she stated. “I’ve been back and had tea with her.”

She talked about how when she was greeted by familiar faces of butlers, ushers and chefs who were there when she was living in the White House.

Bush identified with the current first family and wished them “the very, very best,” saying she knew what challenges they are facing.

“I know what it’s like to live there,” she said. “I know how difficult every decision is, what the scrutiny is by everyone that has an opinion.”

Bush didn’t talk about President Trump’s policies even though her husband criticized his stances with never mentioning his name. Since then the former president is a praised liberal icon.

Bush and his wife chose not to vote for Trump in 2016 elections by leaving their ballots blank.

Anyhow, Bush pointed out that the bashing is just another part of living in the White House.

“Every single person has an opinion on the people who live there, and I’m certainly aware of that,” she stated.

And being classy and patriotic, she wished the new family a success.

“I wish them the very best,” Bush said. “That’s what every American should wish for the people in the White House since they are our President and first family.”

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