Pelosi Claims Biden Has the Southern Border ‘Under Control’

In the middle of partisan sniping at Republicans Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that the influx of illegal immigrants at the southern border is “under control.”

Previously this week, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a statement saying that at this moment more migrants are overloading the border than at any other time in the past 20 years.

In Eagle Pass, Texas, shop owner Laura Ramos characterized the circumstances amid the flood of migrants as “horrible and very dangerous,” as reported by The New York Times.

“I would call it a crisis with an exclamation point,” Uvalde, Texas, Mayor Don McLaughlin Jr. stated. “We changed administrations, we changed the policies and it’s like the floodgates have opened.”

Actually, there are so many migrants that the Biden administration is considering a plan to fly illegal immigrants to states near the Canadian border for processing, as The Washington Post claims. The report said that the request was caused by the arrival of 1,000 migrants Friday morning to process on top of 1,000 already in a backlog from Thursday.

Yet, in Washington, Pelosi said again and again that everything is “under control.”

“I think that the Administration is pulling this thing under control. And I think it’s important to know that,” Pelosi said, according to a transcript of her weekly media briefing. “The difference between the attitude toward the people and the children is so different in just these two months versus what happened in the past four years.”

“[T]he Biden Administration has this under control,” Pelosi later added.

Pelosi stated that the Biden administration and its border strategy was “values-based, humanitarian in its aspects, pragmatic in how with a plan to get things done and not just a diversionary tactic on the part of the Republicans because they are bankrupt of ideas on how to improve the lives of the American people. So, they run to the border.”

But, something else is said by some voices.

An NPR report said on Friday that more than 500 children had spent over three times the legally approved 72 hours in detention centers.

Pelosi asserted 40 percent of the unaccompanied children crossing the border can be released to a parent already in the U.S., and other illegal immigrants “are refugees applying for asylum in our country.”

She also added that one way to slow the situation with overflowing refugees is to pour money into the migrant’s home countries.

“So, yes, it will take some resources, a small price to pay for people to stay home,” Pelosi said.

President Joe Biden has called for injecting $4 billion into countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, insisting that investing in those countries will end the flow of migrants.