Pizza Hut slams Papa John’s NFL remarks — Americans unite to confront them

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is entering a dark room, without even wanting to know what’s in it. Things haven’t been fruitful for the League’s head as of late due to a severe rating drop, as well as less viewership, ticket sales, and product purchase. If he had any decency whatsoever, he would have found a way to sanction each NFL player who refused to stand during the national anthem, but, instead, he only ‘advised’ them not to kneel, without introducing any measures altogether. It is obvious he had the liberals in mind when he allowed the madness to not only continue, but spread as well- after all, he is a good puppy, right?

This was direct impact the League’s earnings, reputation and overall ratings, which are not looking quite as bright right now. Also, any company who ever invested int he NFL is now taking a heat as well.

The other day, Papa John’s took a huge hit and the founder of the company was not shy about pointing a finger at the NFL.

Reports revealed that John Schnatter, who founded and manages pizza chain Papa John’s, dropped by $70 million in only a day. Altogether, it was a damaging move to the company.

What’s even more interesting to notice is the fact that, at the moment, the stock is trading at about over $60 per share.

Schnatter faced terrible losses as a result and his pocket was left half-emptied. According to Forbes, the man is currently worth $801 million.

As Schnatter puts it, it is all NFL’s fault, in terms of their recent anthem protests. “The NFL has hurt us by not resolving the current debacle,” he noted Wednesday. Well, can’t blame a man for wanting to protect his earnings!

Also, we might be even looking at a pizza war, since Pizza Hut decided to oppose Papa John’s words.

“We’re not seeing any impact from any of that on our business,” the company explained over the phone, as per CNBC.

However, Pizza Hut is talking off the top of their heads, since they have no direct connection to Pizza Hut whatsoever.

We kindly suggest they stick to pizza making from now on.

Take a look at how Twitter users commented the occurrence:

This could easily go south for Pizza Hut, in regards to their own earnings, so we recommend they get a grip and choose another way to express their opinion. Ultimately, it’s not as if Americans were waiting for it.