SHOCKING DISCOVERY: Dominion Project Manager Signed $25 Million Contract While Serving As Mayor Of A Michigan County

Sit down folks, this is going to be an interesting one…

In a clever bit of investigation by Gavin Mario Wax, a lot of really interesting details surrounding one Dominion employee have been brought to the light.

What makes this specific employee so important?

According to details unearthed by Wax,this specific employee was working for Dominion Voting Systems AND a mayor of a Michigan town.

Her name is Kelly Garrett, and according to details uncovered by Wax, she signed a $25 million contract between Dominion and the state of Michigan.

Check it out:

The National Pulse had the story here:

A Former Project Manager And Customer Relations At Dominion Voting Now Serves As An Elected Official From The Democrat Party, Occupying The Role Of Mayor In Lathrup Village, Michigan

The individual in question, Mykale “Kelly” Garret, worked at Dominion from 2017 to 2019. Immediately after, Garret began working at Michigan’s Democratic Party headquarters as a Deputy Director before launching a career in public office.

100 Percent Fed Up had even more details:

At the same time that Kelly Garrett was acting as Mayor of Lathrup Village, she was also working as a full-time Project Manager/Customer Relations Manager for Dominion Voting Systems.  According to her Linkedin resume, Kelly started working at Dominion in May of 2017, but a $25 million contract with the State of MI showing Kelly’s name as one of the Dominion representatives executing the deal, is dated March 1, 2017.

Two years after executing the $25 million Dominion Voting Systems deal with the State of Michigan, Mayor Kelly became the Deputy Director of the Michigan Democratic Party

Internet sleuth, Gavin Mario Wax was first to discover the interesting information about the Democrat elected official/Dominion Voting Systems project manager.